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Okay, one of the internet experts(not any way tongue-in-cheek) has spoken so, needless to say, I'd listen. Shelve the 7.5 and get yourself a 3.5(.21) if you want to run that hull. If you want to run that engine, pick up a 36" hull or kit and use it on that.
I was researching servos and found the following on the S-28:
It weighs 1.8 ounces
It is only rated at 4.8 volts
It has a .24 second speed to spin the arm 60 degrees
It can provide 48.7 oz/in of torque
This is comparable to the Futaba S3003 and S-3004 servos that are available now, both of which are considered under-powered when it comes to turning an outboard. You might be better off upgrading to an S-3305MG high-torque servo to handle the steering. It's the same basic size but kicks out about twice the torque of the S-28 at the same voltage

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