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Originally Posted by bem View Post
I have the smaller Sebart Angel S30E and it flies very well. The 50 seize version should give You many enjoyable flights.
(I have also Sebart Wind S50E, the model that came after Angel S50E, and other Sebart models like MythoS 125E and MythoS Pro).
One in our club has an Angel S50E but he use a Saito 4-stroke engine (there is a glow engine mount avaliable for this plane). Flies great.
Have fun and welcome back to to pattern flying.

Thanks for the info, yes, it looks like a nice plane, hope to maiden it one afternoon this week, still need to setup a few things on the radio. The Sebart planes are really well made! I can't wait to get stuck into my MythoS 50e and then the 125. There is also a pro at one of the local hobby shops, might just get it for later. There are no local motors for it so I would have to import that but that is not a major problem, just take a bit longer so needs better planning!

Thanks, nice to be back and a new challenge, planning to practice intensely the rest of this year and then start entering contests next year.