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Originally Posted by RetiredRoadThunder View Post
I upgraded everything else before getting the 2.4ghz transmitter because they were so expensive. After the 3rd time of the truck swerving on its own accord and crashing and breaking the steering all up I paid about $50 for the futuba transmitter and receiver, I should have done it sooner it really boost the fun factor having full control of the truck and saves money in replacing broken parts. Even in a big open parking lot the truck will go further than I can make out which way it's facing. With the 27mhz it'd go about 2 house lengths before it'd start doing random things.

I bought a 2nd receiver and put it in another r/c and can use the same transmitter for as many vehicles as I want.

I cant help with motor or esc, I'm having a lot of trouble with that myself, the brushless setup I bought burned up after 5-6 runs, not sure it's it's my battery choice or bad luck but it destroyed the battery in the process. It was a knock-off Chinese hobbypower 60a-sl (Cheap copy of the hobbywing 60a-sl)
Weird, what exactly burned up? The ESC or the motor? Maybe something shorted out, thus burning up and destroying the battery.

Since I have no idea what else to do and also learning that the 27MHz band is pure crap I think I will order that FlySky transmitter and receiver.
I like the look of it and the receivers are freaking cheap! I would of course have to buy a new ESC, but that's another thing and nowadays they aren't that expensive.