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Default Quarter midget project

Afternoon everyone,

I may have mentioned this earlier but I acquired a Quarter Midget kit earlier this year and finally am having time to build it. It's a West Coast R/C Miss RJ Mustang. The price list is dated 1974 and so is the newspaper used to wrap many of the parts in the box. It has a glass fuse and foam core wings and appears complete. Doesn't look to be all that difficult a build and I'm looking forward to it. The problem is, I don't have any high performance engines in this size. I don't even think there is a class for this airplane any longer and frankly I can't find any racing at all within 3 hours of home. The goal here is to find a good QM engine for this plane so I can take it out once in a while and have some fun with it. Has anyone got such available or know where I can find one? Is there an engine being made that will fly this plane? Thanks.

Rick H.