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After looking at the add, I would say that $50 is way too much. If you do go for it, make sure that the batteries in the transmitter haven't leaked and ruined the wiring. Given that it is a Cox tank mount (The fuel tank is the back part of the motor) you probably don't need a fuel tank. It probably does need a good cleaning up if it has ever been run but the gaskets and the little bit of fuel line that is in the back of the tank are available. Cox motors have their quirks but once you get past that you can get a lot of flights out of a pint of fuel. BTW that can of fuel in the add is probably only good for use as a cleaning solvent for the engine by now. I'm presuming that you haven't had a lot of time with 1/2A The 1/2 A threads on this forum have a lot of info on the Cox motor.