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So assuming the ones General Hobby has in stock now are actually the same as their online photos, mine is exactly like that one. Over at Maxford, they have gotten in a completely new model, different from both their old 97" one and General's. Looking at it, it seems a lot nicer that either of them, too. Of course, it's a LOT more expensive than Generals. Still, almost tempted to dump mine and go for the Maxford.

Mine's still in the box, so I can't give you much in terms of experience with it. It seems solidly built, and the fiberglass parts are nice. However, I will know more once I've assembled it.

By the way, the Maxford models are both listed as being by Green Models. The instructions for the older V1 there (still linked on the page, done by Green) are nearly worthless. The V2 ones were obviously done by Maxford, and are a vast improvement. However, I would expect based on the Maxford V1 instructions that the General Hobby version has equally worthless instructions.

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