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Hi davidej
Your delema is not uncommon in the automotive world, however it can be fixed providing the valve has not hit the piston and bent it.
I suspect the interference fit was not what it should have been from the factory and the heat made it come loose and inabled it to move up and down, it takes very little movement to wear any small amout of press fit it had to start with off and you get whats left a loose fitting valve guide.
I would not reccemend any form of a locktite unless an eclip has been added to insure there is no movement in the future.
That requires an eclip and someone to machine the old guide to accept it. This is providing the old guide still fits the hole fairly snug, Zero Slop.. Then you can apply green thread locker and push it in place and all should be well , but a valve job will need to be done on that valve if not both to insure a good seal.
Or a new guide can be made with the proper press fit ,either way and valve job will need to be done to insure a good valve seal.
Valve guide material is usually made of a tight grain cast iron or bronze, either work well.
It is to bad you don't live closer I could fix it but the cost of shipment would be more than the cost of a new head im sure.
I didn't catch what brand of engine it is.
Oh and the valve retainer.the small C looking lock is common in the smaller 4 stroke engines. My opinion is NO they dont work as well as the tapered keepers. But if a person keeps theres valves in adjustment they will work for years WO issues.