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The repairs will cost more than a new head.
New guide needed for press fit on the heavy side. Head heated to 400 degrees and guide left in freezer or better yet in dry ice. Press into head quickly.

Now you need to recut the valve seat to match the new guide.

Valve is likely bent so its best to get a new valve then seat/lap the valve in with valve grinding compound. The best way even with a new valve is to just touch the face with a valve grinder to insure the face is concentric with the valve stem before lapping.

Used to do Harly heads all the time and it was quite common to replace valve guides. Luckily though the guides came in several different over sizes from the dealership. Most made the mistake of attempting to press them in and out without heating the head and the result was removing some aluminum requiring extra oversize guides or guides working loose after a short period of running. Then of course there was the odd guy who hayrubed it together and got lucky.


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