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Cool thanks for the reply, Iíve never heard of those before. I do like the size and style of those. But Iím still leaning towards something like what I was already looking at only because of the size. Right now Iím looking for an indoor rc since itís dark when I go to work and dark when I get home from work so weekends would be the only play time she got if it was bigger and needed to be outside. Even my mini8 is a lil too big to enjoy playing with indoors, especially the speed of it as well as the one in that video. That one is definitely worth considering for the next step up. Which sheís already ready for lol. Loaded up this weekend and took family out and all the rcís couple of cars, drone, boat. She ended up driving my yeti xl with no problems! I loved watching her do it. But you were right I brought small stuff for her and ended up her asking to drive the biggest one lol