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More flying with a current draw telemetry sensor showed that the OS 5025-375Kv only drew around 42A on take-off and less in the air with the 16x10 APC prop. I have now changed the prop to a 17x12 APC. On take-off it now draws 66A and then drops to a max below 60A in flight (only on verticals, level flight is below 30A). This is perfect still giving me an easy 10 minutes plus and unlimited verticals. On landing the motor/ESC is barely warm to the touch.

This seems to be a bit more prop than what OS suggested but since I am flying at a ground level of 5000' (up to 9000' + density altitude on a summers day) that could explain the difference. She is now really a pleasure to fly with the trimming mostly complete. She flies a bit faster than my other "F3A trainers" and that is just perfect for a windy day.

The graph below shows the current draw (green line) and the throttle setting (red line) of a short flight with the Angel, the data is from the telemetry log. I still need to change the throttle curve a bit (linear at the moment) to get my "cruise" throttle setting to be at about mid-stick the way I prefer it.

Click image for larger version

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