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As Bryan is using the same fuze mould for electric and glow, the electric version has a chin cowl. That is not a problem. The cowl is installed complete with the pins and other fixtures so that it can be removed. Mine had some glue at the front, which once removed allowed me to remove the chin cowl. Very nice and easy to then install the motor. But the chin cowl arrangement does add to the weight. I see no need to retain the ability to remove the chin cowl, and hence trimmed and removed the related excess material, and then glued it back in place. The masking tape around the motor was to protect it from getting lots of dust as the dremeling of the excess material is a dirty job. By removing the material. mounting pins etc I saved 30g. That is fairly significant, and I think gluing the cowl in place also adds to the stiffness of the fuze. All good.
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I am running the Brenner v3 contra drive. The same setup that I have used in my Allure with excellent results. It is being driven by a Hacker C54 and Spin 99. Nothing special in terms of the motor mounting. I did the mounting before gluing the chin cowl in place, so that made it very easy to do. Got the alignment nice, and the trust is set up with the nose ring.
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The battery tray is set level with the top of the gear plate, and will give me the range of CG I need, with the starting point at the location recommended by Bryan (just behind the rear of the wing tube).