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tim allen
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Default CG extra 300

Allright guys , time to start building - modifying and the plane i have picked is the cg extra , i have only been staring at it for a year , lol . A little history on the bird first , a buddy of mine found it on craigslist pretty cheap . It had a kraft 60 in it with old futaba 3004 servos, and a 16 oz tank . Nothing fancy and it was covered with white and orange ultracote , which i promptly stripped off . This bird is well built and light !
Now for the mods ; i plane to enlarge the rudder , enlarge the elevator by cutting the stabilizer, enlarge the ailerons into the wing , over- laying the wing with 1/16 balsa (wood on wing has been sanded down WAY to thin) , dropping the wing saddle down an inch into the fuselage to look more scale and modern and reducing the canopy down to a one seater while creating a battery hatch . These are the structure mods i have planed .
motor mods are as planned : tacon 110 outrunner with exceed rc 100 amp hv esc on 8s . I have flown this combo before and bench tested it . It spunn a apc 1612e at 8000 rpm pulling 70 amps at 1400 watts and lasted about 15 minutes in leaving the batteries at 45% . Talk about power ! I love glow power but i need a plane that i do not have to fiddle with and can practice with . I am not looking for 3d just a VERY aggrssive aerobatic sport . There is a chance i will be flying at the Cleaveland airshow in a 3 way freestyle competition next year if all goes well . I had planned on flying my midwest 27% cap 232 with it's dle 55 but i need a back-up plane that i can practice my routine on at our small field this winter . And i am covering it in the Goodyear extra scheme since I am a proud Akron OH boy ! Lol. How much you guys want to bet the cap 232 becomes the back-up plane ? Wish me luck fellows and pics will be arriving shortly.