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Originally Posted by gunradd View Post
Yes tailor made is best period. If my f18 didn't crash I was going to paint mine also because they messed up so many things. My friend just got a f15 from SM and one of the wings says NO PETS instead of NO STEP on the entire wing...

the thing about tailor made is the attention to detail. Everything will be the right scale and he does his research. The set he makes for the landing gear alone is second to none.

shipping was easy all the time from him. I did my f15 and f22 with him. Also had him do the landing gear and fighting omars on the f18 since skymaster was unable to do it.
Yeah man I should have just ordered it without decals but this was listed on their website as a scheme and I provided a ton of pictures with actual paint samples. They really need to get a new painter, the worst part was they said they "could have done the correct color but it would have just taken longer", after 7 months whats another month! What kind of business model is that? Sorry im just really angry because as you know this jet is not cheap and to redo all this will cost a ton. I know it doesn't matter much to them since im just one person but this was the last time, they lost me as a customer. They can design some crazy stuff, build this large scale jets but can't just look at freaking picture and copy it??

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