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Originally Posted by FalconWings View Post
Cindy is kind of hit or miss. Product is good....but it can be frustrating dealing with her.
The above quote is putting it mildly......
A few years ago I was recommended Aeroloft for decals to go on my JHH A-7D. What showed up were the wrong size/scale, & wrong font; I was advised that it was all my fault and that I didnt know what I was talking about. (I flew A-7ís in the USAF and NMANG so Iím not entirely clueless).
Needless to say Cindy/Aeroloft never got my business again.

I only use Rallie @ Tailormade; he does dry transfers as well, however they are somewhat more expensive and for me the water slide decals do fine.

As for Callie, I know her personally and her custom work is great and fast. The limiting factor is that they are vinyl stick ons and IMO not suitable for high end scale models and are limited as to how small they can be.
BTW, she can do printed shirts as well.

- Mike

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