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Originally Posted by init4fun View Post
Wow , 43 responses to the poll so far , Thank You to everyone for the participation !

So the genesis of this poll was naturally the discontent some feel (myself included) with the present direction of the AMA's mission . There are some of us out here who appear to feel that the AMA's resources would be far better spent on those of us who want to be members , rather than on those who will never be a member without being forced to . As to the whole "romancing the drone" thing , has it yet become obvious that those who do fly FPV under the auspices of our AMA doc #550 are and were AMA members who were into FPV from it's modern beginnings , and that those who don't & won't follow the commonsense guidelines in #550 have never been AMA members and never will be ? (without being forced , of course) I am going to freely admit , I joined the AMA back when I did because in order to be a member of the local (Control line) flying club AMA membership was a requirement . I quickly came to see the benefit to the hobby , having seen the whole "Frequency Allocation" debacle of the FCC trying to sell off our RC channels to other deep pocketed interests , and have been a member by choice ever since . This is why I , myself , have yet to vote in my own Poll , I joined by force but remained by choice . The whole idea of a national organization advocating for us hobbyists being what's kept me around all these years , I most fear the recent push toward what appears to be an attempt to become a commercial entity (selling insurance to or the training of part 107 operators) rather than advocating strictly for hobbyists only . Are there really that few of us left that the AMA EC should seek to change the core mission , or are that many actual hobbyists sitting on the sidelines of AMA membership because they feel un/under served VS the attention the drone/FPV and commercial sides appear to be enjoying ?

I think my real bottom line question is , how should the AMA best serve those of us who are here because we want to be ?
I am confused as to what you are really looking for. You note in this statement that AMA basically saved our frequencies and are a national org that advocates for us but yet does not have our best interest at hand. Did they not advocate to keep us (as 336) from part 107, yes they did. Are they looking for growth, I would hope so with the cost of the past few years of advocating and attorney cost. As for the term "us", anyone that is a member of the AMA is "us", from control line to fixed wing, and heli's, qliders, FPV, and even that dreaded drone. Those that fly outside of AMA membership, AMA safety guidelines, section 336, section 107, is and always will be those that don't want to follow any rules and have always been, and will always be, around...