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Originally Posted by init4fun View Post
Thank You tailskid , I appreciate your response

Robert , What I'm looking for is to get the feeling that our organization really IS working for us (hobbyists) only , as our organization's original mandate stipulates . Yes indeed , the Frequency affair WAS well handled by our AMA , but that was then and this is now ; "What have you done for me lately ?" , well , in my eye , the whole CBO farce attempted forced membership debacle was in NO way any kinds of help/protection for us hobbyists , more like an attempt at future survival of the AMA , hobby be damned ! Tell me Robert , do you know who the RCU member and regular AMA forum poster Franklin M. is ? And if you do know who he is , have you read any of his well presented charts/graphs pertaining to AMA spending on the AMA itself VS the spending on us hobbyist's clubs ? Because when you read that they spend more , MUCH more on so called "administrative costs" than they spend on the very hobbyists clubs that created the AMA in the first place , well then yes indeed my friend I'd say there IS a problem within the present operational structure of our organization . Much like the federal government , ALL government really , the servants have become the masters , and we "worker bees" are expected to toe the line even as we see these changes in exactly whom are serving whom . You appear to be OK with that ? Fine , that is your option and choice to create the "ruling class of aeromodeling" , but don't be surprised when some of us "peek behind the curtain" folks stand up and speak our minds as to what we believe we're seeing .......

I agree 100% mongo , I am well beyond retirement age , and am one of the "youngsters" of my flying club ! And , yes indeed a few of my fellow club members do fly FPV , they do it with every type of model aircraft that strikes their fancy , fixed wing , rotorcraft , some even have cameras strapped to model rockets and all are welcome . And yet still we haven't seen any appreciable rise in membership with the "drone revolution" so our membership problem surely isn't with the "unwelcoming club" attitude that has been cited in the past as a reason for the decline in club membership . I really do believe that for a lot of 800 K folks , why bother with the whole club scene when you can just put the drone down on any flat surface and take off , no field of any kind required . The fact of such flying being against AMA rules would be a good incentive for most of them to NOT join the AMA also , Why would someone want to join the NRA if they were gonna break gun laws or the NHRA if they were gonna do street racing ?
Thanks for the plug. Ultimately it's about the money. How they spend it is a direct measure of their priorities. So this information comes from the AMA itself andtheir 2016 IRS filing (statement of functional expenses). Remember... how they spend their money is measure of priorities
- $23,000 in flying site grants (note 1)
- $336,287 in executive compensation ( 14.6 times amount spent on flying site grants )
- $165,863 on legal ( 7.2 times amount spent on flying site grants )
- $164,796 on office expenses ( 7.1 times amount spent on flying site grants )
- $135,005 on travel ( 5.8 times amount spent on flying site grants )
- $262,549 on conferences ( 11.4 times amount spent on flying site grants )
- $910,653 on "Other expenses" ( 39.5 times amount spent on flying site grants )

Also, they gave $300,000 of our money to the foundation. Unlike the EC where they have to get a bunch of votes of our reps to spend money, foundation board is very small and owe no allegiance to us. In effect, going around members.

Note 1: Click image for larger version

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