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Originally Posted by cj_rumley View Post
Somewhat ironic. The "foundation" is the brainchild of Rich Hanson, who argued that it was needed to make AMA seem more like a charitable organization worthy of retaining tax-exempt status.
Yes that is on the record, no I'm not going to go look for it.
If he (and AMA) would back of the mandatory membership crap, I'd actually support the guy. He's asking some good questions when it comes to spending. For example, when they were talking the "seed money" needed for the indoor facility, he asked "will members see this as a benefit?" That's good I think.

But, the mandatory membership is a deal breaker for me, both as a member and as a taxpayer. I think AMA will be stronger if instead of browbeating folks to become members, they focus instead on creating real value so people WANT to become members. For example, improve local facilities by spending more on flying site grants than they spend on office supplies ($23k on flying site grants, $160k on office expenses).