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Originally Posted by grotow View Post
What method do you use to set horizontal stabilizer?
If you removed the tape that prevents the elevator from moving in relation to the stabilizer use some masking tape and re-tape it to make sure the stabilizer/elevator cannot move. Then set the fuselage so the canopy rail is level to 0.0 degrees using a Wixey meter. Insert the stabilizer through the holes in the fuselage. Set up the Wixey and make small adjustments on the grub screws (top and bottom) until the Wixey reads 0.0 degrees also and the grub screws are snug. Put the other stabilizer on and do the same thing. Keep checking the left and right stabilizer and fuselage to make sure nothing shifts on you while doing the process.

One of the stabilizers already has an additional set screw on the bottom that is already tight. All you have to do is drill through the access hole on the bottom of the other stabilizer into the carbon fiber support rod and add a similar small screw to hold it all together after the adjustments have been made. Check one final time to make sure all is well and they are both equal to 0.0 degrees.

My plane is inaccessible right now loaded in the car ready to go. When I get back from flying I will set it up on the table and take some photos. Sorry I did not do that before.