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yesterday evening I made a break in the building and I began to think about how I will manage to put everithing inside the plane. I am far enough in the building to have a exact idea of each room space available. I have a trend to not read how other people made. Not because I consider they do bad things ( there are for sure a lot of excelent setup posted on rcuniverse made by excelent modelers), but I want a plane reflecting how I imagined it.
Here are some of my final decisions.
The main hatch will be the only one
The fuel system positioning will be radicaly different than the one described in the book.. The main tank will be facing forward, The UAT and fuel pump will be under the levator/rudder servos , the two electrovanes will be in the boat tail.
The fact that I go with a electrical retract and a kero start turbine give me a lot of room space ( no airtank and no gas tank).The ECU will be between F3 and F4
About the retract I honestly have to say that If i had to order ,it now I would prefere to go with a good old classic pneumatic setup. I have read a lot of post from peoples complaining about the reliability of the electrical system, not especialy for the R54 one, but about all the robart electrical retract series. What I will certainly do is to operate the gear on a separate battery pack for safety ( don't want the retract system to drain my rc battery in case a retract is jamed ).
The 3 battery pack will be in the nose. Because everithing will be in the front and I go with a light turbine (p60) I could turn out maybe a bit nose heavy. But correct a heavy nose concern is much more easy than correct a tail heavy plane without adding weight.

That's the general way I'll go

Of course it's not because I have a trend to disreagard how other modelers do and build airplanes how I decided to do. that I don't accept positive criticism. If for any reason you see something wrong in the way I want to go, please share it.

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