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Originally Posted by joeflyer View Post
Mine has Prolink electric retracts from Dreamworks, which uses the Xicoy controller. I did not cut the red wire since the controller has a separate plug for power. I'm not familiar with Robart's controller, you should follow their instructions. I used larger than necessary batteries since I needed the nose weight:
ECU Battery - 2S/3600/30C - 210 gm.
Gear/Smoke Battery - 2S/3300/30C - 205 gm.
Receiver - A123/2300 - 190 gm.
8 0z. lead - 225 gm.

My engine is a Jets Munt M90k which weighs 980 gm. I also made a lot of modifications that effect the weight distribution: elevator & rudder servos in the rear, added inlets, smoke system, larger fuel tank,... So your situation will be different. Just be aware that most need to add nose weight to balance a R54. If your interested you can look back in this thread for pictures of my set-up. They were posted in early 2015.

again thanks a lot for the info, moving rudder and elevator servo backward is something I considered at the very begining of fuse construction, but I changed my mind and decided to stay in the philiosophy of the design "keep it simple and efficient".
About weight adjunction in the nose, I guess I'll have to do it, but in that case my opinion is that I prefere to put some extra amperes than extra lead in the very very front off the nose. . Off course The final weight will be sligthly higer, But I thruly believe that the very few extra oz won't have a lot off effect. The wingload increase will be nearly unsignificant and won't affect the performances IMAO