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Most of the time, the main shaft survives a crash - unless it's very violent. The spindle that the blades pivot on always gets bent, however.
To be an RC heli pilot, you really need to learn to be your own mechanic. This skill is equally as important as the piloting itself. Get the manual for your heli - should be available on line, somewhere, and get familiar with how the pieces assemble. Try to find an experienced heli pilot near you, for some coaching - it will save you a lot of time. You will need several high-quality hex wrenches - 1.5, 2, and 3mm. Check out Raptor Technique - lots of very good information there on 'how to'.
The biggest issue may be getting parts, since Thunder Tiger no longer supports this machine. A fairly good source is - they sell 'Klone 50' parts, almost all of which will fit your 30 (only difference is the gearing, tail boom / belt, and blades). Another good site is
Good to hear that there's still somebody out there flying a nitro heli!