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Default Blade 120S Maiden with Spektrum DX6 3rd Gen

There arenít too many threads regarding the Blade 120S, so I thought Iíd start one.

Just bought one this week and completed a maiden. The bird flies smooth. I chose to mate with a 3rd gen DX6. I have to admit, I bounced the ground more than a couple times. I was impressed with just how much of a beating this little bird can take. Here is a list of my first impressions:
When setting flight modes w/new DX6 - follow setup for DX7/DX9 - The blade manual for the 120S is confusing for setting up for DX6

Calibrate the bird for drift curve - my bird out of the box would drift with little to no wind, which was annoying

Ensure the main blades are tightened properly, mine were loose.

Buy extra tail rotor blades - Until I got use to ground effect I must have ďperformedĒ a boom strike 20 times and finally after popping off the tail rotor numerous times it finally broke - good thing they only cost $4.

I absolutely love the 120S - itís easy to start on for a newb like me, but still very challenging which makes it fun. I was able to hover and perform basic circles within the first 15 flights. Perform drift curve recalibration after crashes. It resets the stabilization of the bird.

Hardest crash was was from around 100 feet, I felt like it was getting away from me, accidentally panicked and killed throttle, bird hit the ground hard and bounced, popping off the tail blade: amazingly enough, I popped the tail blade back on and it continued to fly. I love the design, so easy to work on.

How banged up can you let the main blades get before they should be changed?

Iím planning on posting pics soon

Anyone else have expertise or experiences to share regarding the 120S?