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Originally Posted by STICK MODE View Post

hey stickmode,

thats how i did my spacing early on in the thread for the XYZ mounting

cant recall the dimension I built up to but I would suspect I posted the dimensions and also the amount of nose weight I had to use in the thread very early on. I think around page 15?? Iím away on holidays so donít have the ability to easily check for you.

no cooling issues whatsoever with my XZY and we get pretty damn warm in Brissy. Stock size plugs on mine but did a little bit of gentle ,panel beating to the caps and they do skit leaning on the cowl. Mine had been flying for about 4 years now and no bro letís with cracking or anything like that.



Thanks for the reply. This was actually me that asked about the mounting, cooling, etc. The plane has flown several times since, and happy to report NO problems with the XYZ. The gear, on the other hand, is a different story. I'll post a video of my last flight. One main came down, but not the other. I got her down with nothing more than some scratched paint and a broken prop (if I'd hit the kill switch, I wouldn't have even broke the prop). It was a long flight, and I suspect an air leak... I'm 50/50 between ripping out the air system and redoing it, or trying to convert the gear to electric. Retracts are Sierras...