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I would recommend including the spoilers if you can. Adds a nice level of control, especially in strong thermals and for landing in tight spaces. You can put spoilers on the gear switch, a two position switch, flap dial or on the left stick, in a similar fashion as to where flaps are normally placed on gliders. Left stick all the way up is spoilers closed. Left stick all the way down is spoilers fully deployed. If you have a flap to elevator mix, use that to mix the spoilers to the elevator. Spoilers usually benefit from some up elevator in the mix.

The Fuselage was designed for 4 cell 700 mah NiCd pack but I would not do that today. I would do 4 cell Nimh as you will likely need the weight to help balance it. RES gliders sip power so you don't need a huge pack. A cell 1200 mah pack or higher would be my suggestion. The 2.4 GHz packs draw more power than the old 72 MHz.

The HS82 is rated for 4.8 or 6V so a 2 cell Lipo might be too high voltage. If you want to go Lipo you will need a servo that is rated for higher voltage.

Hope that helps. Move the pack as far forward as Possible.