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I have been a Futaba user for many years. A couple years ago, a friend at the field started using a Hitec Aurora 9 and I was fascinated with it. I got one, then later got a 9X. I am more that satisfied with them as well as with the Futaba 10 channel that I still have. The Hitec is easier to program. especially since it has on screen programming, but I still use the Futaba as well. I have no problems with either and I suspect that most folks would say the same about any of the leading brand radios. I guess the point here, if there be one, is that any of the half dozen or so leading brands are very good and very reliable. My suggestion would be to use whatever the preponderance of folks in your flying group use just since you would have immediate input if you were to run into a programming problem. Today';s radios are all good.