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Originally Posted by JCOKEEFE View Post
Hitec Aurora 9X. I have used the Hitec Aurora radios for years, Never a problem. Priced right. However, it sounds like you will follow the pack and go Spectrum. Good luck.
I'll generally agree with that.
But I have liked the open programming style of the Multiplex Evo radios for quite a while and have gone even further by converting it and going to XPS TX module and their receivers.
At the moment, I have an Aurora 9X, an Evo12 updated to their latest firmware, and a Taranis X9D.

Of the three, the Evo is my favorite and most used, but I do fly a couple of my planes on the 9X and Taranis.
I have no plan to change anything other than to buy some more XPS receivers.
If/when the Evo ever craps out, however, I will be sorely forced to make a decision on what to replace it with.
I think I've already decided if that day ever comes, I would buy a Horus X12S, immediately install a XPS TX module, and never look back.

If I ever crash the airplanes that the X9 and Taranis are flying now, I would likely sell off both of them. Still, the X9 is a great radio and is a good option for people who are overwhelmed or confused with open programming.