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Default Looking for experienced large drone operator in Southeast Texas

Let me start by saying that I have flown a few quads and not ones with any gps or even gyros and flown in very windy conditions and were easy to control. The problem is they werenít large,multi thousand dollar machines. And even though I havenít crashed, if I did it would not break my heart along with bank,but my new one would .I bought a DJI S1000 with A2 controller with Futaba t14sg radio and have had it for about a year and havenít flown it. I canít see how it, along with all the bells and whistles, could be harder to fly than these cheap ones with no kinda of positioning like course lock and return home or hover
and things like that. I do think I can fly it but the size of it intimidates the heck out of me and so itís sat for this whole time. When I got it, it was suppose to be RTF but the person before me had done some Jackleg wiring for video and I didnít like the way cables were ran and accessories were mounted so I replaced cables and remounted everything to clean it up and also replaced the GPS puck with the latest one. It fires up and works flawlessly on the ground but I just canít find the nerve to take off and would like a little guidance. Iím in Groves Texas which the Beaumont/Port Arthur are in Southeast Texas about an 40 minutes west of Louisiana down I10. If there are any experienced large Drone operators that have experience with the A2 and DJI or other large drones and wouldnít mind meeting up to showing me some things I would so much appreciate it. I bought the thing to carry my bait out, which is half of a dinner plate size stingray,for shark fishing, at the beach so the gimbal has been removed and I mounted a GoPro for FPV flying. My name is Shawn by the way. Thanks