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Originally Posted by camaroguy View Post
Hello all,

Just getting back into the RC hobby after a decade + absence. I have two Traxxas electric RCs I'm running and would like to get an action camera to capture some footage when I hit some cool trails in my truck or on some of the paved places I take my street car. I'm looking for something that is light, I can mount of the roof or hood of the body, won't shake much, and most importantly won't break the bank.

I came across this camera on Amazon (link below) and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or opinions:

Campark ACT68 Action Camera

I'm also open to suggestions of other cameras that have worked for others and if you wouldn't mind sharing your thoughts/experience with it.

Doe's anyone also know of any free and simple to use video editing software as well?

I have used many camera from cheap ones to bunch of GoPro's but nowadays i use RUNCAM HD to mount on my R/C models and drones because of their small factor size able to mount on flat narrow surfaces between chassis and extremely lighweight plus easy extension for drone use with accessories support. They cost less than $55 for older models and latest models cost about $70. Very durable for bashing, less vibration effect, weight only 41grams, easy to do mods/upgrades and very vibrant videos. This camera very famous among R/C'er and FPV/drone enthusiast including me. I've own about 8x of these camera for R/C trucks use and drone flights. You can choose old RUNCAM HD V1 or latest RUNCAM 2 or higher grade depends on what R/C you wanted to use for.

RUNCAM HD photos:

My videos that uses RUNCAM HD:
* Some quality have been compresssed by youtube editing.

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