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The Balsa beavers don't do the LA .25 racing any more. They went to the LA .15 because the .25 is not made any more. Here are the rules. http://www.balsabeavers.com/information/rules/cl_rules_g0317_racing.pdf The Sig Buster kit and whatever the other one is are the two planes used. They supply the motor. Shutoffs are allowed. (and needed really) Paul won the last one a couple weeks ago with me flying. Pretty close racing with the pit stops really making the difference. Will your plane stunt well? I don't know, probably. Try it out I guess. I have a kind of heavy stunter with a .40 FP that weighs 3 lbs with 530 sq. in. It flies pretty good except for overhead stuff which I can't do anyway. I think it is a bit overpowered. I bet the F2D combats would be great with your .25s. We / they have the 80mph speed limit combat and most guys use the lighter .25s. with the .15 size planes. They fly very very well.

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