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Ye gads! I’ve killed the thread!

Friday clue:

1 - Single engine, tail dragger.
2 - Built for a particular role. It was actually rejected for that purpose but accepted anyway for another job.
3 - The manufacturer is one that RC scale modellers are likely aware of, but not one of the “big” names.
4 - The plane in question contained a number departures from the company’s previous aircraft.
5 - The landing gear included an unusual feature.
6 - Built in small numbers (barely 100) for a single service that accepted it reluctantly.
7 - Despite the small production run, at least two airframes survive to this day. One is even airworthy and performs at airshows.

8 - A polite person might say this plane has "a lot of character". Most just say it's ugly. Certainly it's impossible to mistake it for anything else!
9 - Equipped only two units during its brief career.
10 - Never saw combat.
11 - Which is a good thing, considering it was unarmed & unarmored.
12 - Was found to be easy to fly... which relates to clue #2.