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Thanks aspeed,
Sorry for delayed response. I have been going through the BalsaBeaver website. The race I went to was 6yrs ago !
Got lots of info. The .15 SportRacers look more practical and fun.
I'll go to the Sept.Centenial Event and pick some brains. They are a fun bunch.
I'll get my 'coro-creation' flyable and see if somone will test fly it. With some research, it should fly like a 40oz Ringmaster.
With a .25 swinging a 9-4 at ~12+K. I also will get my old U-Reely set up with new .015 lines.
I was going to scrap it because of getting heavy, but, why not see if it flys ! Crash, then scrap !
I see the RingMasters are popular, I have the NIB LA.25 I got for the .25 SportRacing that can go in one.
I'm going back to balsa.
I'm glad this is my last coro plane. If I got it right though, it should last forever ! Heavy planes always fly heavy though !
Take Care,
Have Fun,
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