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Originally Posted by rcjetsaok View Post
Where did you buy the 6300's ? The are on "Back-Order" till mid-October at Horizon. I know they were released but I have heard they have had issues with them, Hence the " Backorder " ... I do not know if the ones already out have been recalled or not, perhaps someone in the know could help us with this... I talked to Horizon a while back and I was frustrated because the pulled the same crap when they came out with the new T-series Power-Safe receivers.. The stopped production/sales of the old power-safe RX's and introduced the new ones and then recalled them... I have been using the Spektrum 6250 servo's and was planning to go 6300's on this next project and BAM !!! 6250's discontinued and 6300's not available with problems.... You think the would figure out not to discontinue the existing product until the replacement is proven and available... Somebody has to know what's going on... Please share.

6250's are being replaced with our new A6310 and A6320 brushless line, same great features as the A6300 with slightly less torque. These are available for purchase!