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Originally Posted by Sterling McC. View Post
Good day good people,

I have an older f-18 from Skymaster, it's unpainted and unhinged. I'm having an issue with the flaps...the right side went perfect when I installed the hinges but the left is being a real pain. The left flap is 2 millimeters thicker at the leading edge full length, so when you set it in it's pocket on the wing it sticks above and a little below the hinge cover compared to the other side. Have any of you fellows run into this and how would I correct it? I thought about cutting the flap along the sides and the leading edge and adjusting the thickness carefully then gluing it back together. Can anyone offer advice on this or should I just build it as is and live with the fact the trim will be a little off? I know there are a lot more talented guys out there than I so I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
That was my first though about how to fix it, and how I would do it. While you are in there, you could adjust the blocks for the hinges and control horn - if it has them. If you make the slice with a Dremel cut-off wheel, that would give you just about the amount you need to move it together.

If it turns out that you need to cut the trailing edge in order to squeeze it together, you could do that with a hot knife so as to not remove material from that edge.