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Don Szczur
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Here are some of the settings for my Allure Pattern plane. One of interest is the throttle to rudder control. This is something that I programmed in for the glow Allure. Its not needed for the Contra Allure, since that plane has two counter rotating propellers which cancel out P-factor and spiraling slipstream as well as the right left (upright) and left thrust (inverted) issues. I have spend a lot of time over the last month flying both Contra and Glow airplanes and each has its advantages. I won't get into those details here but setup for the Glow has a bit of left rudder on down lines with low throttle to keep the fuselage pointed straight. Peter Goldsmith and Mike McConville taught me that trick when I was preparing for the Tournament of Champions some 20 or so years ago...

Throttle curve is limited to (1) meet sound level requirements for F3A and (2) give the power feel desired. I found its actually easier to fly a plane that is not overpowered.