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Don Szczur
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One of the biggest questions I get is how do you setup the radio between flights?. I almost always go into "sleep" mode between flights, and flying sessions for that matter. This allows quick start up at my next flying session with the simple press of the on-off switch. Two notes- when charging, after unplugging the cord (shown on the left of the picture) the radio "wakes up" so I put it back into sleep mode when plugging in to charge, or unplugging after a charge. . After each flight I go to the sleep mode, as well as after the last flight of the day. Seldom do I turn off the radio completely unless I won't be flying it for a while (like, for more than 3 or 4 days).

De--select RF and Display using touch screen

Touch "Apply" (at the bottom) and the Tx wil go into sleep until your next flight or flying session. I normally do this for day-to-day flying. Battery charge lasts 3 to 4 flying sessions (normally about a week). When ready to fly again I just hit the on button on the Tx and its ready to fly instantly.