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Today's clue.

Looking for the name of a pilot.

1. An ace.

2. Not a spectacularly high-scoring ace, but he is one of a small number of pilots to have achieved a particular kind of success during the one war he fought in.

3. He is remembered today not for his score, not primarily for the kind of success mentioned in clue no. 2, but mostly for what he did on one particular flight.

4. He was once shot down behind enemy lines and was captured, but he escaped. (This was not one of the things referred to in earlier clues.)

5. The feat for which he is remembered is one that some pilots have done accidentally. He did it on purpose.

6. One of the planes he flew is now in a museum.

7. If you've seen that plane, or even a picture of it, you almost certainly remember it.

8. The feat for which he is most remembered was the shooting down of one particular airplane.

9. The plane he shot down had two engines.

10. And it was unarmed.

11. Going back to clue 2: He was one of only three pilots from his country to have shot down a particular combination of enemy planes. Those victories were quite unlike the one to which clues 3, 5, 8, 9, and 10 refer.

12. None of the 12 or 13 people (accounts vary) on board the plane he shot down on his most memorable flight were killed, and none of the accounts I've read says that any were injured. Several sources say that he was decorated for shooting that plane down, but this is almost certainly not true.

13. He flew P-38s early in the war and later flew P-51s. His most-memorable flight was in a P-51D, which is now in a museum.

14. Almost all (and maybe all) of the pictures of his P-51 show the kill markings clearly.

15. No other airplane has ever had kill markings representing all of the countries his had.