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Originally Posted by patrnflyr View Post
I guess I should just shut up and ignore this post, but I can't. It just boggles my mind that we would be considering building something like this with the lay public out there looking for any excuse in the book to try and shut down our models. Everything from Congress trying to impose laws that make model flying impossible to neighbors shooting down drones for the sake of national security. I seen this before when someone tries to mount Estes rockets onto their wingtips to fire air to surface rockets. Not that this model doesn't intrigue me, but it a slippery slope. I can imagine there's already people watching this thread in some basement in Quantico or Langley (as well as Muncie) putting it on the "watch list". I may be totally wrong about this so just ignore me if you think so...

You do have a point... Of course we, in the model community, know that a model of an AGM 63 is going to be too heavy and short ranged to effectively be used to do damage, but the perception of the general public, when whipped up by the news media in order to sell more dish soap, would be different.

Joe has done some really cool models in the past, but this one is curious. I don't see the appeal as I like scale models of manned aircraft. A model Reaper or Global Hawk does not appeal to me at all either.

Personally, I don't think it will fly. As a turbine model, its going to be too heavy and those wings are too small and *very* thin. It would have to be dropped from another model in order to get going, I think. Now *that* would be disturbing...


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