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Originally Posted by LGM Graphix View Post
How many of you store your airplanes in a trailer over winter? My shop during the winter becomes a haven for rats.... It's an old barn that doesn't seal well. A few winters ago the rats made nests in all my jets, it took forever to clean them out and replace lines etc. My trailer is a 26' enclosed trailer that seals way better than my shop does. I'm thinking about keeping all my airplanes in there this winter. My concern is humidity. We never get that cold here, -5C (23F) is a really cold winter day/night, but it rains non stop in the winter.
My shop isn't really heated where the airplanes are either but it is warmer than the trailer would be and a bigger space, stays drier feeling in there.
I'm heading to princeton this weekend and my trailer will be loaded, wondering if it's an ok idea to leave everything in there over the winter. I'd hate to open it in spring and find 10 jets with damage to ECU's or receivers....
hey amigo, what about a short term climate controlled rental unit for 6 months? Or road trip it to Texas ad Iíll fly your stuff for you. ;-) Iím prolly one of 5 guys that can start an AMT ....Old Skooolll style baaahhaaa