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Well, I didn't want to get anyone up in "arms" about this project, pun intended. Just a few things. The AGM 86 A is an obsolete museum piece from the late 1970s. The AGM 86 A never carried a weapon. The vast majority of people upon looking at it would not be able to tell you what it was. The model would be flown at R/C events. It would not be loaded with FPV and autonomous technology to fly around BLS, unlike the hundreds of thousands if not millions of quad copters (drones) that have been sold to the clueless public. The Idea of the dying art of scratch building an rc airplane is to create something no one else has. I fall to sleep at jet rallies watching countless planes show up that look like dolphins. The things need to be on fire or have something falling off of them for me to watch the flight. A little less boring is when 15 of the same exact scale F-16s, F-18s etc. show up from China. The AGM 86 A would be unique and an engineering challenge to construct and get into the air from a runway. I think it can be done. I don't see the panic when the thousands of R/C Reapers, Predators and Global Hawks are flown, among other things. Does Quantico , Langley and Muncie have those people on a watch list? The real Reapers, Predators and Global Hawks have much more current technology in them, as opposed to the pre loaded ground maps 1970s era AGMs used for guidance. If Q, L and M have this thread on a watch list they can read it and rest easy that it is about a radio controlled airplane. In the Mean time lets watch a few videos of people enjoying their hobby. (along with Q,L and M)