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You asked about tossing it for trim flights. It'll take more than just a light push but something less than an athletic javelin like throw.

What I like to do before I let it leave my hand is to jog into a decent moderate breeze and hold the model lightly at the balance point with just thumb and forefinger. Or even just standing in a somewhat stiffer but smooth steady breeze.

It won't be right at the flying speed but it's close enough. If should feel lighter and somewhat buoyant when the elevator trim and balance point are pretty close. If it still feels heavy then give it a couple of clicks of up trim until it feels light. If it is trying to pitch up and lift up and away then trim in some down until it is happy to stay put but feels light. This will get you close enough for the first test glides without giving a risk of nose diving or zooming up to an instant stall before you can find the control stick after the release.

Hope that helps out.