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Are those the wire sizes for the wing joiners? 1/16 for the antirotation pin is fine. But 1/8 for a main joiner is really small unless it is only for the outer panels. Even then it's rather smaller than I would like to use.

A "trick" I've used for three models over the years is to leave the area that will house the slip tubes open at first. Then bring the two panels together and set them to the dihedral angles. Use long slip tubes that span the whole joint and take care to set them so they are as parallel as you can to each other looking from above and from the end of the joint line. After all the boxing in and potting in of the slip tubes is done cut them at the join line. The joiner rods should slip in easily now.

What happens if you don't get the slip tubes aligned well for center spacing and parallelism is the rods fit easily into each of the short tubes by themselves. But the slight differences in center to center spacing and any angular differences create a wedging effect and lots of binding. And I hate to say it but there's no good way to fix this other than by removing one side or both sides of one of the slip tube sets and replace it so things all line up better.