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Originally Posted by r ward View Post
........................ the twin engines used in PT boats were built "CW" and "CCW" rotation to facilitate a straight running boat, when run wide open.
Beg to differ. The Elco 80 foot PT boat was the most produced PT during WWII. From day one it had THREE Packard built Rolls Royce Marine engines in it. Not the Merlin engine found in the Mustang, Spitfire and other planes of WWII. The Higgins built boats also used 3 Packard engines. Elco (326 boats) and Higgins (199 boats) built pretty much ALL of the US built PT boats. Other manufacturer designs, especially foreign, may have differed. But the primary British manufacturer, Vosper 70' and 73' boats also used 3 engines. Surprisingly they used Parckard engines as Rolls Royce was too busy producing their Merlin aircraft engine.

All three engines turned the same direction. One screw (prop) was reversed via the transmission on that engine. I believe it was the starboard screw but I'm not sure and don't care to look it up.

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