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Don't know about the 60 twin,but I have rcgf 60 single.Only problem i had was after break in I had problems filing plugs.Took little while to figure out.Ended up ordering replacement coil boot kit and cured problem.Pulling 24 x 8 prop and it actually to small.I do burn vp fuel mixed with stihl oil.This fuel is so much better than regular gasoline.No worries about carb problems sitting.It does have lot of vibration through the plane,so make sure everything is loctite.I would put it up against any engine it's size far as power.I have messed with several gas rc planes,and no matter what brand you get,none is 100% trouble free.They all have there flaws.Part of the fuel planes world gas or glow.Electric is convenient but nothing sounds better than 50 size plane or the smell of the glow fuel.