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Originally Posted by franklin_m View Post
CFO issued the clarion call, and based on the minutes, it fell on deaf ears. It's abundantly clear that doing more of the same isn't working. It hasn't worked for the last five years, nor the last ten, nor the last 15. And the latest brilliant idea? Sell naming rights. Roads, ponds, etc. at Taj-Muncie. So let me get this straight ... they're idea to save AMA from financial dust heap is to sell naming rights for roads, ponds, and flight lines at a place where relatively few people go, and those who do already know of your products? It's not like it's an NFL stadium with hundreds of thousands a year. Many there for the first time. I cannot believe they are taking this seriously. But looking at their financial decisions over the past 15 years, I guess nothing should surprise me.
Obviously what WE think their motivation should be is NOT what is motivating the EC. Nor does it appear they care of the impending fiscal disaster heading their way. This can't be a surprise to them. Even I don't believe they're that stupid. They have to have known about this for at least some years. And yet, they do nothing about it. Why?

Perhaps their end game is NOT what we think it should be?

And the kicker is, this has obviously involved several elected AMA Administrations. Making whatever is going on a long running conspiracy.

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