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I tell people I'm a Registered Drone Offender, we are all guilty by association anyway, might as well get a laugh.

Its not going to get any better for us in my opinion. The people in charge at the top levels of the drone industry and law are all very well placed and connected to industry. Its like a mob dividing up the territories and agreeing on who gets what and where and when. I see no benefit to us regardless of the FAA/AMA relations. They will dictate to us what we will get to do, have and where and when its just a matter of time. They will impose technical requirements and mark my words if that doesn't include the ability to down our planes for any reason. We already comply in the form of not transmitting at very high power therefore we are passive and I have lost a couple planes to police activity in my immediate vicinity due to their radio coms. The cops that take breaks at our field to write reports know it and leave us alone if we have a few members flying. But, in the future they will have the ability to just knock our planes down due to deconflicting airspace or directed weapons to deny radio control. There are devices in the works to create a sphere around an aircraft flying through airspace that will cause the drone to change altitude, speed and direction. So imagine your at your field flying and a plane or helicopter comes near enough to activate this function while you're flying your expensive plane. Then it has to change altitude or attempt to deconflict and it crashes. Thats it, its your problem.

Directed radio wave weapons/jammers are real now too. I worked on the housing for one patterned after an AR so like a rifle. An officer can just pull this out of the trunk and knock down your plane for any reason they see fit. Then ask questions later...

Im not fear mongering, this is real and real close too. Im just pissed at the drone products, consumers and companies bear no responsibilities for ruining our hobby of 80 years! They made millions and never cared about the side effects this would have on the laws, the hobby, or the future.

The Genie is out fo the bottle now, I hope we can have another 80 years of this hobby.