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The maiden flight.

So here it is after 3 winters building. Sorry for the quality of vid as my 85 year old dad did his best. Thanks pops!

This is actually my second attempt. The first was last week, but it was so nose heavy it wouldn't even leave the ground. I removed 1lb from the nose and had high hopes with this attempt. Its obvious I was headed in the right direction as she flew this time but the CG still has to go even further back as it took LONG run to get in the air. There was zero wind and the temp was -10c She maid it in the air but it took full UP elevator to get there and I had full up elevator the entire flight, so I decided to bring her in. It came in a bit hot ofcourse and with no elevator left she bounced and that was that. Damage is not to bad...but she will need some repairs before flying again.

In the air: It was a very short flight but the plane was very steady. It was surprisingly smooth and did not waddle around like the polarise, skipper do.
I think the -2* down thrust is right on as when full throttle was reduced to zero the plane did not pitch up or down, it just followed it coarse.

Regardless of the crash(not to worried.. I know someone that can fix it ) I am very pleased that it flew and I know Im headed in the right direction.
More testing will follow soon.

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