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Just got back from a very successful flight Name:  smile.gif
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Size:  1.0 KB Not perfect yet as this was only its second flight.. but a big improvement. In preparation of this flight.. I reduced the horizontal stab angle -2* and raised the down thrust to about -1.5* I also moved the CG back 1"
I really should have done each separately, but time is not on my side.

Taxiing was much better since I replaced the keel with some very flexible rubber gasket material.

Take off: This time it took off in half the distance... but I still had to pull hard on the elevator. I had to max out the up elevator again, but still had some to play with this time. This area needs work as when I landed I could see I had it trimmed with 1/4" up elevator. What now? do I keep on moving the CG back? Do I pitch the horizontals stabs down more? In both cases the motor thrust angle had no effect on the pitch whether on the gas or not.

Flying: Well something has changed for sure. During the maiden the ailerons were perfect. Just the right amount with good response, but now they seem very unresponsive. It needs a lot to get it into the bank but then you quickly have to remove almost all of the input. The nose doesn't dive at all.
Did a full 4 min flight.

Landing: This time I kept two clicks of throttle on till she was about 20' off the ground and then killed the power. Its was nice to actually have elevator to input this time..lol She just glided in and landed as smoothly as you would expect from any foamy Polaris or Skipper.. Very Happy about that Name:  wink.gif
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The motor: Well I will admit I don't have much experience at all with Electric Prop planes.. Sure seems to have plenty of power! No complaints there. When on the gas all is good.. but when I back of the throttle there is a screeching noise? Anybody know what that is?

Sorry no video.. No one was available..but just as I took off I heard a car pull up. Turns out it was my dad..just a minute to late.. oh well.. glad he got to see it flyName:  smile.gif
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