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Originally Posted by J.Paul Saure View Post
You can tell that was some really old school monokote, it didn't go away without a fight!!!!

The current stuff sticks only with a blowtorch...
...but it peels off just by looking at it!
yup, your rite. I am forced to recover the same color. The wood is stained blue.

The wood around the Cabanes is broken making big holes . I put the Cabanes in then taped around them. Then took them back out and used epoxy and glassed over the holes on the inside and using the tape as a template on the outside . I will cut the glass and give it a nice slot for the Cabanes again.
After I remove the tape I have to fill it with something the ultracote will stick to. Epoxy and microballoons will make a nice filler but the covering won't stick to that.
Any suggestions?