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Len Todd
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When the canopy blows back, when left open, it slides all the way back past the slide stops and hinges on the guide pin. Then the back 1" of the painted canopy cracks off. Then you have a busted canopy. I also have a backup canopy. But I am living with the repaired one for now.

On the retracts, if you inadvertently retract while on the ground, the worm gear separates from the motor. Can't get just the motor/gear. Have to buy a whole new retract at $100+. PITA when you inadvertently hit the gear up switch when taxiing or just sitting there powered up. On all my other ETracts, the current limiter would have kicked in. Apparently, ... not on this one. Not to mention if you just let the gear complete the retraction, then its sitting on the inner doors. Got to be extra careful with this setup.