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Originally Posted by mirion View Post
Not to beleaguer the subject of the turnbuckle control rods, I like the looks of them and will get some, but with no jam nuts what keeps the threads from unscrewing under the effects of vibration? Is it a really tight fit on the threads?
Good question Mirion. I'm using heavy duty ball links made by Dubro. These ball links are made from some type of nylon and they cut their own threads as their spun on, much like using a nylon insert lock nut. These really hold so no lock nuts on the turn buckles are needed, also, since there are no tapped threads inside these ball nuts , they lend themselves well for use on these turnbuckles since one end is left hand thread. If however you are threading something metal such as a clevis to the turnbuckle then I would highly recommend using a jam nut on each end.